Monday, March 15, 2010

Nature, Right in Your Own Home

I wanted to wait until things were a little more up and running before posting this but I couldn't resist. I love reacting to people who think nature exists "somewhere else." It's just not true. We have highly modified our natural world but we're also part of the natural world. I live in the city and when I look out my window I do see a lot of buildings but I also see a lot of trees. One could go on and on about this but here's my point:

Of course I love being out in the woods but I also love finding animals in my home (besides the ones we purchased and intentionally invited inside). I had several interactions with this spider over the course of about a week. Spiders are ubiquitous. We also have an evolutionary predisposition to fear them. So the next time you find a spider in your home/school/museum/other building and you encounter fear take some time to demystify them. My favorite facts about spiders are that they're great pest control, especially with mosquitoes and that the amazing creature that is the horseshoe crab is actually related to arachnids and not crabs. Bring on your spider facts or tales of indoor nature!

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