Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Fungi of the Catskills

All three of these I found while camping in the Catskills last summer. They are also three of my favorite photos I have taken of organisms, especially the middle one. I'm fairly certain the top one is a Hygrocybe genus. Anyone able to point me to the right genera for the others?


  1. love it! sweet homewtown photots~

    while looking in my mushroom id book (audubon field guide of north american mushrooms) the middle and bottom appear, to me, to be a part of the coral group. the middle one looks like a white coral and the bottom on looks like 2 corals: either a spindle shaped yellow coral or a yellow tuning fork coral (seeing them in person would help determine which one).

    i will say, hands down, fungi are my super faves out of all the growing things. they are my favourite to photograph and the main reason why i got into hiking~ these are the most 'magical' beings for me~

  2. From what I could turn up on Flickr it would seem you are right. Looks like I've got a white and a yellow coral. I also forgot to mention that it looks like another Hygrocybe genus with the white coral in that middle photo.

  3. they are great photos and great fungii~ one thing i found super helpful when out hiking or photographing is to bring field guides with me. i think the north american audubon guides are one of the best buys around (especially if you buy them used online).

    pat and i have a great time using them on hikes. one year we were hiking at purgatory chasm and he left our audubon tree guide in the woods~ we hope that someone found it and is using it well. but we're okay if some little animal found it and used it for their little dwelling or nest!