Sunday, March 28, 2010

Chris Jordan Exhibit: Museum of Science

I went to the Museum of Science, Boston yesterday and the standout for me was the exhibit by Chris Jordan called "Running the Numbers." Jordan makes photographs and prints to illustrate overconsumption and waste. One of things he tries to do is give us a visceral experience of numbers we hear every day associated with waste but can't really intellectually grasp. For example, one of his prints illustrates 2 million plastic beverage bottles, the number Americans use every five minutes. It's pretty scary. I guess in a good way. Go check out the exhibit if you have a chance but he also has a book out and you can visit his website here.

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  1. i know that gardening is used a therapeutic modality for some who suffer from depression and anxiety because of the physiological effect feeling soil has on the body~ our mother earth is quite the powerful woman~

    we (pat and i) are not sure what to grow this year, mostly because we have limited space. i have a feeling this year will big on experimenting with pots and porch gardening. i'm not sure if we will have enough accomodations for fruits and veggies, but i think we might sneek some plants in the community plot across the street~

    for me, this will be a big year of herbal experimenting. some herbs i have had trouble growing: i can never get thai basil to grow more than a few inches before it dies. i am persistent though, and i hope to get it right some year! i am also, in general, in love with basil, and i like to grow a few different varieties. last year i came upon a variety called 'salad leaf basil' and i am totally in love. it's very low growing but the leaves are huge and taste more like fennel than a clovey basil~ LOVE IT!!

    i also battle with growing rosemary and lavendar from seed; some varieties are easier than others. this year will again be a learning year on finding good ones (i just discovered there is white lavender!). thyme and oregano are pretty fool proof, but parsley can be tough. last years rain killed all of my parsley, so i am hoping that the porch garden might have better results.

    i am playing with the idea of growing beets, radishes and round carrots (yes, round carrots!!) in long window boxes. not sure yet, but small varieties might work. we'll see~

    i can't for the life of me grow lettuce without it bolting and then dying on me, so i think this year i might not do it. i think i will try to sneek yellow tomatoes in the community plot~ hands down, yellow toms are the most yummiest i have come across of. they are very mild and low in acid, and so insanely sweet!

    eggplant, bell peppers and i have been at war for years, so i may have to give up this year (but not having the space for it makes that decision made for me).

    good luck with your gardening~ its always a wonderful and humbling experience!