Friday, April 22, 2011

Behind the Scenes

Hey, ever wonder what goes on behind the scenes at the Mycelial Network (besides me sitting at the computer and reading about branchiopods)? Well you're not going to read about it here. But you can read about it here.

My friend Carole Ann, who I met working at the Providence Children's Museum, writes a blog as well. It's generally about crafting and quilting and such...not really the same content as the Network. But this month she's been blogging about blogging. So she's featuring various blogs that she likes and she's honored me by choosing my blog to be one featured! So check out the feature and the rest of her blog for that matter. Thanks Carole Ann!

Her project has also inspired me to start posting blogs that I like from time to time. So look forward to some natural history blogs you should be reading besides the Network.

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