Saturday, February 11, 2012


Natural selection has acted on the mycelial network and it has speciated!

To view the mycelial network's sister clade go to

The blog is called "One Fell Swoop" but the url was taken by a blog with only one post that has not been updated since 2002. The one post is moronically self indulgent, too, something about getting a haircut. I'm pretty sure it was written by a teenager. Which is not to say teenager's shouldn't write but...I mean just go look at it for yourself.

In any event I ended up with the url Which is annoying. But there it is. I have no idea who should read this blog. I have no idea what the purpose is. I'm pretty sure it's a blog about "hey, isn't this weird/cool/interesting/crazy/etc."

(Disclaimer: this is not actually how speciation or natural selection work.)

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