Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Eww, Nature is so Gross!

Out looking for stuff to shoot I noticed something moving around in the ground. I took a closer look and found a quite large grub. None of the images I got really do it justice but it was probably an inch and a half or so long.

I'm pretty sure I've mentioned this before but I always find it interesting to think about why grubs make us instinctively nauseous and/or squeamish. There's a pretty good chance it's an adaptive reaction to finding grubs (maggots) in rotten food. If the body gets nauseous before we eat bad food rather than after it saves us a lot of energy and possible dehydration from getting sick.

Of course I can't resist staring at it and shooting it for probably 15 minutes. The thing was creating quite a stir, rooting around in the ground. It seemed like it was trying to dig or find food or both, I'm really not sure. At first I thought it was after ants but it quickly became apparent that all the ants in the area where moving much quicker than it was. Maybe it was just looking for a good spot to bury itself and do some metamorphosing. Ecdysis here we come!

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