Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Hawks and Things

So I don't want to bury the post that has the link to my survey but I've been meaning to post these photos. And if you haven't yet taken the survey, what better time than right now? You're sitting in that comfy chair and all. Anyway, more of Buteo jamaicensis:

Maybe a little tough to see, but check out the blown up version the web album. Here he or she is blown up a little: kinda grainy but you can see the hawk buffeted by the wind.

I just came back from some snowshoeing up in New Hampshire. I was hoping to get more photos but it was either snowing or raining pretty much the entire time I was there. That's New England for you. Anyway, on the drive home it was just grey, not raining, so I managed to shoot a few. We drove through the area where we usually camp in the summer and saw this pretty amazing ice falls. This might not be entirely natural history related but as I uploaded the images this morning I noticed something else in the picture: there's someone climbing the ice. And here we thought we were the crazy ones for snowshoeing in the rain!

Again, you may need to head to the web album to get the full affect, but he (or possibly she) is there pretty much right in the middle of the shot, just to the right of the twig that runs up through the foreground. I hope he had a spotter!

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