Friday, August 6, 2010

Backyard Nature Photography

I haven't talked much about the photography on the Network yet. A few days ago I was reading another natural history blog and bumped into a new technique which resulted in the shot above. It's not nearly as awesome as the shot that inspired it and it got me thinking about the frustrations of having a camera that's very very good but not quite at the pro level. I don't quite have the right macro lens for a lot of my shots. I don't have as high an ISO as I'd like a lot of the time. And even though it has a high resolution my images can still come out grainy or blurry. I've seen plenty of images that look out of focus but still somehow amazingly good. That really doesn't tend to happen with my camera.

In any event the idea for the image above is to have a very small aperture and fast shutter speed with an intense flash (so a new thing I've learned is that I also don't have an adequate flash). The image was taken in full daylight but almost no ambient light makes it to the sensor. Instead it picks up the focused light from the flash, only illuminating the intended subject. Now check out the inspiration here.

What are your techniques for taking interesting images of wildlife? What's your favorite place/time of day/year/etc. to shoot nature photos?

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